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House on View Road, 2016, Reduction Linocut, 5 colours/steps on Ho-Sho Japanese paper


Ruddy Turnstones Print group members 2016


Opening Night celebrations


A range of etchings by Tricia Ross

Immersion: FleurieuRuddy Turnstones Print group Exhibition for the Print Council of Australia's Year of Print.



Seascape (Southern #1), 2016, Oil on Linen, 97 x 97 cm


Anthropocene #1, 2016, Oil on linen, 155 x 125cm

In My View,  Sala 2016, Group Exhibition at Studio Bowden.

My environment law brain is imposing itself on my art making brain.  In my mind, the image of the jester stands in for everyman.  Here, I use the jester figure, on a tightrope, as metaphor for mankind teetering on the brink of environmental choice - to reduce carbon output or not.  The term Anthropocene is a geological one, suggested by geologists since 2000, to mean that man's impact on the environment is so great as to equal any impact that mother nature could impose, such that there is a new epoch to be called Anthropocene:

Anthropo = man

cene = new



Sally Parnis, Waterlogged 1, 2012  Tricia Ross, Portrait (Palm Tree at noon), 2016  Tricia Ross, Shadows (Afternoon light), 2016

Fringe 2015:  Patterns of Landscape

Group show at Studio Bowden


Landscape (Seaview # 2 and #1) 2014, photopolymer etchings

Helpmann Academy, Maestro's and Apprentices Event / Exhibition, 2014


New Works : Seascape (Byron) , 2015

Series of 5 works, each 183 x 122 cm, oil on linen (4 shown here)


Imagining PlaceCentral Studios Group Exhibition at Bordertown Gallery 2014





IMG_4595  IMG_4769_2  IMG_4773_2  IMG_4777_2  

Frog Cake Exhibition  - Following a short course at the Jam Factory in November 2014 with artist Klaus Gotowski, I joined with many other artists in a group exhibition fundraiser held at the new SAHMRI building in March 2015, and then at AC Arts  Light Square Gallery.  The range of frog cakes was a tribute to artist licence and versatility!  My contribution was titled F[r]og, 2015.  




IMG_3158    DSC_2246    IMG_3157  Oratunga (Study 6)  Oratunga 1  DSC_2119  DSC_1741


Oratunga 'en plein air' trip - In October 2014, together with 3 other artist friends, I spent time painting in the Flinders Ranges.  We were based in Oratunga, near Blinman.  Each day was spent painting at different locations.   Pictured are a group of studies drying on the verandah, and some photos of the scenes observed.



IMG_4565    IMG_3007_2   IMG_3771     IMG_3779  


Studio Bowden -  During the latter part of 2014 I made the move to Drayton Street Bowden and established a painting studio, print room, office and Gallery space. I took a few months to build the walls, paint floors and walls, and move in.  My office doubles as my work and studio office.  A new website for Studio Bowden is being built, and a schedule of workshops and events will appear soon!  See



IMG_3128  IMG_3129  IMG_3130  IMG_3140SALA VIP.jpg[4][4]


Central StudiosGrote Street, Adelaide.  My time at Central Studios came to an end in November 2014.  Loved being there with a fabulous group of other artists, but needed more space and light, so a move to new premises at Bowden became attractive!  One of the last works made there was a private commission, show leaving the premises in late October!



IMG_2967  Landscape (Distant Land #1) 2014  Ocean (Distant Landscape #2) 2014  DSCN5094

Loreto Spring Art 2014 - Two Seascapes underway, and then soon sold!  Titled Landscape (Distant Ocean 1), 2014, and Landscape (Distant Ocean 2), 2014, each is Oil and Wax on Canvas, 122 cm x 183 cm.



Anna Platten Masterclass 2014


New Work underway - This is a painting (Oil on linen, 120 x 150cm) I commenced during a Masterclass at ACSA with Anna Platten: Painting the Narrative,  January 2014.



WhyallaArtPrize at Festival Centre

Whyalla Art Prize @ Festival Centre Adelaide  Several finalist paintings were later exhibited at the Festival Centre over  November 2013 - February 2014, including my Abstract (Landscape #1), 2013 painting.




Observation and Abstraction, joint show with Sue Boettcher for SALA, August 2013 at Faraja Cafe, King William St, Adelaide



Outback open art prize

Outback Open Art Prize 2013,  Broken Hill.   My work What Wasn't There, 2012, was a finalist (to the rear right of the image).  This work was inspired by the words of my Polish migrant father, who when arriving by sea in 1949 to the spartan Western Australian landscape, noted 'what wasn't there'.